I’m a mommy

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I’m a mommy

I’m a mommy

I’ve been peed on and pooped on, been covered in drool and vomit too
If I tell you I don’t mind, it will seem weird to you

I’ve had so many worries about not being good enough
Coz I’m well aware that parenting can be tough

My children are small so the worst is yet to come
But I am ready for it, so just bring it on

I’m a mommy dear friend
Til the very end

It’s probably the hardest and most underappreciated job
With worries and fears that will never stop

I’ve had many sleepless nights with a baby on my chest
Hoping and praying that tomorrow he’ll feel his very best

Nothing can compare to the love that I feel
It’s deep and intense and so very real

I’m a mommy dear friend
Til the very end

When I stare into those deep blue eyes
I know this little being, holds no lies

A look in return and a cute little smile
A hearty laughter once in a while

Every second is precious, remember it all
With the blink of an eye, your baby is no longer small

I’m a mommy dear friend
Til the very end

My hair is a mess, my clothes covered in spots
The couch and some walls have mysterious dots

My life is so different than what it used to be
It’s so very clear for everyone to see

Going to the bathroom alone is something I rarely do
Even a shower is a rare luxury too

I know it might seem so very strange to you
But I love every second and there’s nothing I’d rather do

The sleep I get is not nearly enough
I won’t lie to you dear friend, some days are really rough

To care for others needs all of the time
Never paying attention to any of mine

I had so many ideas of how motherhood would be
None of them very accurate I now clearly see

But I’m a mommy dear friend
Til the very end

Time goes by so very fast
So remember dear friend to make every moment last

The good ones and bad ones and scary ones too
Love your children no matter what they do

To keep them safe from harm is your number one job
And it’s one dear friend that will never stop

Guide them through life with love and patience too
And there’s nothing in this world they won’t be able to do

As they grow older your worries will change
They will shift into a whole new range

You won’t be so worried if they stumble and fall
But wonder it they’ll make it and be happy at all

Your love for them will never die
If anyone says otherwise, know it’s a lie

Nine months in the womb created a bond
I’m a mother dear friend, today and beyond

– By Vicki Gylling

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